About Us - Welcome to ETAS 

Registered Training Organisation No: 50590

Postal Address: PO Box 1945 Humpty Doo NT 0836

Phone: 0407 991 448

Email: etas@bigpond.net.au



ETAS is a nationally recognised and accredited training organisation established in Western Australia by the Managing Director Brian Kakoschke to meet the training and assessment needs of the traffic management and civil construction industries. Established in 1997 ETAS has evolved as a leading and respected training provider in traffic management and civil construction throughout Australia and overseas.

ETAS provides training and assessment services in a wide range of occupational areas associated within the traffic management and civil construction industries and specialises in traffic management training for the Northern Territory and Western Australia including remote and Australian island communities.

We offer and can arrange suitable times for training courses to suit your specific needs. Training and assessment can be tailored to meet the specific requirements and relevant competencies which best meet the requirements of the individual, business and employment.

With a wealth of experience in training and assessment our staff can provide you with guidance, advice and assistance with training, licensing and certification, qualifications, employment and general industry requirements. 


All ETAS training and assessment staff meet the quality requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and have the qualifications, skills, and knowledge as well as the practical and theoretical industry experience in the areas in which they train. An ongoing program of professional development ensure all our staff maintain a contemporary approach to training and assessment to ensure training is current, up to date, meets all industry standards and quality outcomes are achieved and maintained. 

ETAS can also function as a mobile training team using facilities on site or hired if necessary.

ETAS recognises and understands the paramount responsibility to provide a safe training environment and also to deliver training that will provide participants with the appropriate knowledge and skills in work occupational safety and health. 
ETAS upholds and maintains the values of responsible and good corporate and community governance and supports local communities.     


Access and Inclusion

Potential participants are encouraged to make ETAS staff aware of their specific learning requirements to ensure learning strategies are discussed, developed and implemented that will aim to achieve maximum participation, capacity and capability for the student during training sessions. 

Links: www.jobaccess.gov.au

ETAS Core Values

Our business is founded on:

  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Open, honest and direct communiction
  • Leadership
  • Continued learning
  • Access and inclusion
  • Privacy and confidentiality