Code of Practice

For additional information please also refer to the ETAS Resource Handbook


Earthworks Training and Assessment Services (ETAS) markets all products with accuracy and professionalism. Any literature and marketing materials published by or on behalf of ETAS in whatever form is truthful, accurate and unambiguous and clearly identifies the products and services covered by the scope of our registration. Nationally recognised products are identified separately from courses recognised by other bodies or without recognised status. The names of training packages, qualifications and accredited courses  used in ETAS advertising materials are consistent with names as per titles and or/ names listed on the official National Register of Vocational Education and Training

ETAS marketing, promotional literature and general media advertising does not:

  • Endorse or use literature which encourages unrealistic expectations about the level of qualifications attainable or the facilities and equipment provided.
  • Make inaccurate or deceptive claims or allude to false comparisons of courses to others provided by our competitors.
  • Make or claim misleading statements concerning the qualifications and experience of ETAS personnel.
  • Make misleading or false statements or allude to any prospects of employment following the completion of a training course. Note: ETAS is a registered training organisation only and as such does not refer, recommend, promote or market employment of any type.

Our RTO code is clear and identifiable on all materials and equipment. Where an inference is made regarding any nationally recognised training offered by ETAS we will honor all commitments in our marketing materials and only promote the training and assessment on our scope.  Information regarding fees, charges and the refund policy is provided and disclosed in full contractual arrangements between ETAS, course participants and PCBU’s prior to registering for any given training course.

ETAS does not advertise its products and services per se in newspapers, by way of advertisements or in other publications. Our principal and most valued marketing tool is by ‘word of mouth, referrals and recommendations’ from those who have participated in or used our services. The company is well known, engaged with and works collaboratively in industry both in the Northern Territory and Western Australia which within itself maintains a profile of integrity for the company as a registered training organisation.  

Course Information

ETAS provides accurate and sufficient information to course participants which set out in detail the total costs, fees, objectives, assessment procedures, competency standards and outcomes to be achieved. Information provided by ETAS to course participants about courses includes the following:

  • A description of the course, content and vocational outcomes
  • Fees and charges including information on our refund policy
  • Flexible learning and assessment procedures including provision for language, numeracy & literacy assessment
  • Recognition of Prior Learning / Skills Recognition arrangements
  • A description of the credential or statement of attainment to be given on completion of the course
  • A statement as to whether the course is recognised by industry or professional organisations, public institutions or government authorities
  • A description of course participant support services including welfare and guidance services
  • Information on appeals, complaints and grievance procedures
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Responsibilities for access and equity and any pre-course requisites.


Recruitment of course participants is conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner. Recruitment decisions will rest on assessment by institutions of the extent to which the stated competency standards and outcomes of the course are likely to be achieved by the prospective course participant given their qualifications, proficiencies and aspirations. ETAS provides documentation to prospective course participants by fully disclosing all contractual arrangements between ETAS and the prospective course participant in clearly and concisely avoiding vague and ambiguous clauses. ETAS makes available in writing all information concerning fees and charges to prospective course participants including our refund policy prior to their completion of any course registration.

Refund Policy

Cancellations and requests for refunds are to be made in writing and generally accepted if cancellation is made five (5) working days prior to the course. Other refunds are made solely at the discretion of ETAS management taking into consideration the reason for the refund request.

Flexible Delivery and Assessment

Course participants are advised of the most applicable form of delivery for each course. Locations will vary according to arrangements made with course participants and employers / Persons conducting a business undertaking (PCBU).  ETAS undertakes to provide assessment of training:

  • In accordance with the National Assessment Competency Standards
  • In accordance with the WA State Training Board's Framework for Competency
  • Based Assessment - Vocational Education and Training in Western Australia
  • In accordance with the national principles of assessment (eg. valid, reliable, flexible and fair)
  • In accordance with the assessment guidelines of any Training Packages and accredited courses which ETAS may seek to register within its scope and
  • In accordance with language, literacy and numeracy needs of course participants.

Skills Recognition (Recognition of Prior Learning) will be provided which acknowledges skills and knowledge obtained through:

  • Formal training (conducted by industry or educational institutions in Australia or overseas)
  • Work experience (informal training) and life experience.

Appeal and Grievance Mechanisms

ETAS will ensure learners have a fair mechanism for appealing disputed assessment decisions or grievances that arise in non-assessment situations.

Partnership Arrangements

Earthworks Training and Assessment Services Pty Ltd does not enter into training or assessment partnership arrangements.

Access and Equity

As a registered training organisation ETAS fully upholds and complies with all legal and ethical responsibilities  and respects the rights, beliefs and cultures of course participants. We endorse recognition of special needs, facilitate access and inclusion, remediation, bridging programs, mentoring, culturally appropriate behaviour and equal opportunities. Any queries please contact our Head Office on 898 854 84 or send us an email

Well-Being and Guidance  

ETAS aims to ensure every course participant gains the maximum benefit from participating in an ETAS  training course or program. ETAS policies and practices safeguard the interest and welfare of course participants in all training and assessment situations. The extent of the support we may provide essentially depends on the need and our capacity to provide the required level of support at the time. In consultation with the course participant we may make recommendations so a course participant can self-determine the type and level of support they may seek.

Course participants unable to attend classes due to illness and personal issues may be provided with additional support including those course participants experiencing difficulties with learning course content. Any queries please contact our Head Office on 898 854 84 or send us an email


Potential course participants are encouraged to make ETAS  aware of any specific learning requirements to ensure learning strategies are discussed, developed and implemented that will aim to achieve maximum participation, capacity and capability for the course participant during training and assessment. 

ETAS can provide course information on request in alternative formats and uses clear and concise language during training and assessment  including:

  • Captioned training videos
  • Use of training facilities that are accessible and open.
  • Use of appropriate size fonts.

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