Accredited Courses - Traffic Management Training  Northern Territory and Western Australia

Northern Territory

Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics - Workzone Traffic Management

Workzone Traffic Supervisor  

Workzone 2 and Workzone 3 Full Course - Darwin

Workzone 2 and Workzone 3 Refresher Course 

Workzone 2 and Workzone 3 Conversion Gap Bridging Course

Workzone 2 and Workzone 3 Full Course - Regional Northern Territory

Traffic Management Plan Designer  - WZ 1  

Workzone 1 Full Course

Workzone 1 Conversion - Gap Bridging

Workzone 1 Refresher

Escort Mobile Works - WZ 4

WZ 4 RIICRM201E Escort Mobile Works

Northern Territory Course Registration Form

Course Registration  - Northern Territory

Statement of Attainment / Certificate Replacement Application Form

Western Australia

Western  Australian Government Main Roads

Main Roads Worksite Traffic Management  (BWTM) and Traffic Controller (TC)

BWTM and TC Full Course

BWTM and TC Refresher Course

BWTM and TC Conversion Course

Worksite Traffic Management  (WTM)

WTM Full Course

WTM Refresher Course

WTM Conversion / Gap Bridging Course

Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM)

AWTM Full Course

AWTM Refresher Course

AWTM Conversion / Gap Bridging Course

Traffic Management Harmonisation Australia 2019  

Under Construction

Main Roads WA Registration Forms  

Traffic Controller (TC) Basic  Worksite Traffic Management ( BWTM)

Worksite Traffic Management (WTM) Advanced Worksite Traffic Management

Western Australia Forms

Course Registration - Western Australia Statement of Attainment / Certificate Replacement Application Form



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